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Party Leaders Sell Out Our Rights in a Backroom Deal on the Patriot Act

Once again the unaccountable miscreants at the head of government plan to sell out our most basic rights in the name of an illusion of security. Read More »

Tyrants, Tyranny and Sunglasses

"Why were we so scared of him in the first place?" Read More »

The End of Obamacare

A court in Virginia has struck down Obamacare's central provision. Read More »

Book Review: Liberty vs Power by Timothy Johnson

A great volume for any American who is interested in our country's history and its future. Read More »

Update: New Info on Blogetery Takedown Raises More Questions

More information on the takedown only seems to raise further questions. Read More »

Government Knows Best: San Francisco Criminalizes Juice and Soft Drinks

Gavin Newsom, the far left Mayor of San Francisco, is making choices for his constituents by telling them what to drink. Read More »

On the Road to Revolution

If the political elite doesn't start listening to the people, it's time for them to go. Read More »

Economic Insanity and Job Destruction Continue

The Democrats' economic policies go beyond foolishness and can only be a deliberate plan to sabotage the nation. Read More »