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Tech Review: iHome Ultra Slim Battery Case

iHome Ultra Slim Case

For pure functionality, you can't go wrong with the iHome Ultra Slim Battery Case. Read More »

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Smartphone Doesn’t Skimp on Specs


This well-built phone maintains all the capabilities of its larger cousin except for screen size, and it's waterproof and dustproof too. Read More »

Gadget Review: PowerBinder


A large solar panel on the front cover gathers energy from the sun and indoor lighting using "patented trickle charge technology." Read More »

Why Technology Accelerates

A simple explanation of why technology is accelerating and what this means for our future. Read More »

Mum’s the Word on Cyber Security

In his State of the Union address, President Obama outlined a new initiative to improve America's networks defenses. But what could Congress approve that federal agencies aren't already doing? Read More »

System Administrator Appreciation Day

The importance of System Administrators' Appreciation Day to the techs in your lives Read More »

Xbox 360 Enters the Realm of Educational Gaming

Making an educational choice through gaming. Read More »

Dongle Madness: PayPal Takes on Square

Mobile payment services have been sprouting up in a market that's expected to grow to well over $200 billion by 2015. Read More »

Computer Professionals Update Act Targets Overtime for American Nerds

New bill to update FLSA aims to exempt the whole of the IT industry from overtime rules Read More »

Darth Vader has an iPhone too – How the Empire Uses Apple

The Empire uses Apple products, what would the Rebel Alliance use? Read More »