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The Artificial Pancreas, Stem Cells and New Frontiers In Diet, Exercise and Meal Planning

There are new frontiers in managing Type 1 diabetes which include the artificial pancreas and stem cells. Read More »

Interview: Rudy A. Mazzocchi, Author of Equity of Evil

"Sometimes a novel comes along that forces us to face the brutal reality of our world," states Mazzucchi. Read More »

Dutch Scientist Aims to End World Hunger with Test Tube Burgers!

Tthe future is here; stem cell burgers at less than $350,000. Read More »

Texas Board May Disallow Stem Cell Treatment

The Texas Medical Board is meeting today to discuss curtailing stem cell use in medical procedures like the one Governor Rick Perry recently underwent. Read More »

What’s the Verdict on Stem Cell Technology in Cosmetics?

Closing thoughts regarding the use of plant stem cells, adult stem cells, and growth factors in cosmetics. Read More »

The Human Side of Cosmetic Stem Cell Technology

Interview with Dr. Ben Johnson, founder and formulator of Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare regarding human-derived stem cell growth factor technology in skin care. Read More »

Can Youth Be Found in a Fountain…or a Flower?

Can stem cells derived from plants really be effective at reducing signs of aging in humans? Read More »

Stem Cells in Skin Care 101: an Overview

An overview of the terminology and technology used in stem cell skin care products. Read More »

Legacy of Mind: The Death of Dave Duerson

Are we on the road to treating traumatic brain injury? Read More »

Scientists Report Finding Cause of Male Pattern Baldness

The bad news: scalp stem cells are malfunctioning. The good news: they're still there. Read More »