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Book Review: ‘Link’ A Science Fiction Novel by D.A.Karr


Karr does a great job of putting you in the ship with Captain Garrick and his crew. He has created a team of individuals who have a strong respect for each other, even though they do not understand all the motives and personalities. They just know that there is not a one of them that does not have the other's back, including their captain. Read More »

Book Review: Black Throne Conspriacy by K.M. Johnson-Weider

Could you allow the life of a loved one to be taken, to get what you want in life? Read More »

Event Review: SpaceUp Atlanta, 10/6/2012

SpaceUp Atlanta was a fun, relaxed "unconference" on space-related topics which allowed enthusiasts to meet and share their knowledge. Read More »

Book Review: Human by Day, Zeta by Night by Judy Carroll

A sci-fi adventure that smells real bad. Read More »

Theater Review (OK): They Promised Her the Moon by Laurel Ollstein

Jerrie Cobb never made it to outer space, but a new play honors the story of this revolutionary (and Oklahoma-born) female pilot. Read More »

Book Review: Chasing Vegas by Tad Vezner

A darkness inside brought on by a vision of light. What is truly real? Read More »

Russians Look to Establish Permanent Moon Colony

I would like to reserve a room in that first Marriott that goes up near the Sea of Tranquility. Read More »

Book Review: Keep Out: Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You To Know About by Nicholas Redfern

Keep Out is a wonderful book about the potential for alien life on earth. Read More »

Star Trek and the Quest for the Final Frontier

How the famous sci-fi TV world inspired an enduring appreciation and passion for the space program. Read More »

Book Review: The Talisman of Elam: Children of Hathor Book One by Jim Mastro

A surprising discovery and a journey into space, who will win the ancient talisman? Read More »