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Two Faces of Syrian WMDs

Prove who is responsible before creating more death. Declassify!

Until we declassify and show the world our evidence, we have no business striking the Syrian regime. If you can't play fair, don't play at all. Read More »

Book Review: It Doesn’t Take a Hero: The Autobiography of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

A biography of US General H. Norman Schwarzkopf published in 1993 after The Gulf War Read More »

Punish Your Enemies

The ways of Obama and the Liberal Media Complex (LMC) laid bare for the recent election and beyond. Read More »

Book Review: The Ruins of Us by Keija Parssinen

A character study of marriage in the midst of culture clash. Read More »

Has Yemen Turned into Another Libya?

A look at Yemen and its president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, on the brink. Read More »

How Turmoil in the Middle East Might Change American Foreign Policy

What can be done to further democracy in the region? Read More »

The Yale University Press and a Book About Cartoons

Refusal to reprint dastardly cartoons offensive to Islam was a giant step forward for free speech. Read More »

Iran, The Magic Key, and the Samson Option

Iran, not Israel, holds the "magic key" to avoiding the Samson Option and nuclear war in the Middle East. Read More »

Affecting Change in Saudi Law on Child Marriage

Saudi girls have no rights to their minds or bodies if their fathers wish to marry them off for money. Read More »