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Book Review: Music Games Rock: Rhythm Gaming’s Greatest Hits of All Time by Scott Steinberg

Music Games Rock may well be as much fun as the games it chronicles. Read More »

The Evolution of a Band

The human being feels the need to categorise music. This is not helping bands in exploring and exploiting their talent. Read More »

Death of a (Guitar) Hero

Activision declares the music video game genre dead? Not so fast. Read More »

CES 2011 News Bit: JamParty: Remixed uses Rock Band and Guitar Hero Controllers

JamParty:Remix looks to use other games' controllers to create new music. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: DJ Hero 2

Time to spin again in the new DJ Hero 2. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

It's Guitar Hero, but now with Gene Simmons! Read More »

Nintendo DS/DSi 2010 Gift Guide

This hand held wonder offers various holiday season offerings including familiar game series and more Nintendo DSi features. Read More »

Mobile Gaming 2010 Gift Guide

Gaming on the go expands with several promising offerings, familiar franchises, and innovative gems. Read More »

Damn EA Sports and the People Who Play Them (Online at Least)

How Electronic Arts is single-handedly ruining the video game experience. Read More »

Xbox 360 Review: Green Day: Rock Band

It's tré cool. Read More »