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Movie Review: ‘RoboCop’ (2014)


The best thing to be said about the RoboCop remake is that at least it’s not a complete disaster. Read More »

Meet RoboCop: He’s a Modern Frankenstein Monster

Credit: SONY Pictures

When man uses technology for bad purposes, we don't have a reduction in crime. We merely replace one evil for another. Read More »

The Duds of Comic-Con’s Hall H from Sony, Warner Brothers / Legendary, and Lionsgate

Seventh Son JB

Written by Steve Geise Every year, the movie studios trot out sci-fi-themed films to the captive Comic-Con Hall H audiences in the hopes of building momentum for their projects. Every year, many of those films are bombs. The studios figured out years ago that they could package those bombs with their tentpole projects, presenting a Comic-Con programming block of their ... Read More »

Friday Program Highlights for Comic-Con International 2013


Aside from the Star Wars origami panel, these are my top ten panels for Friday. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: RoboCop Trilogy

The cyborg's full trilogy hits Blu-ray, does Blu-ray hit back? Read More »

Peter Weller Talks About Guest Starring on Fringe (And More): Part II

Some more juicy stuff from the conference call interview with Peter Weller. Read More »

Peter Weller Talks About Guest Starring on Fringe: Part I

Peter Weller talks to some Fringe geeks about his role in the episode "White Tulip." Read More »