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Movie Review: ‘Ask Me Anything’ Starring Christian Slater and Martin Sheen


"Ask Me Anything" qualifies as “serious,” funny, and touching cinema, so when it opens on December 19, you should watch it. Then, blog about it. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Scorpion’ Series Premiere


"Scorpion" is not another super hero action television series. The team here is all human (and maybe more). Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Lovelace’

Lovelace receiving acclaim at a bash where she meets Hugh Hefner.

'Lovelace' reveals the fantasy and the dark side of how Linda Lovelace and Chuck Tryanor got involved making iconic porn film 'Deep Throat.' Read More »

TV Review: Last Resort – “Voluntold”

This week's Last Resort asks "what does it mean to be patriotic?" Read More »

Movie Review: Safe House

The first of two great action films this month. Safe House is a safe bet. Read More »

Movie Review: The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond

Low budget horror that should stay off the big screen. Read More »