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TV Review: ‘Derek’ – Season Two Premiere


Derek presents a unique individual who just may challenge your preconceived notions and worldview. Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Muppets Most Wanted’


Now that the world is safe for Muppet mayhem, thanks to Jason Segel, getting Disney to reboot the beloved franchise with 2012’s The Muppets, the question for the sequel is how does it measure up? Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Family Guy – Volume Eleven’


Overall, I would rank Volume Eleven as better than the Volume Ten (and Nine and Eight...), though not as good as some of the earlier releases. Read More »

Will Netflix Change Television?

Netflix is now a competitor in premium content, and offers a non-traditional method of consumption. Read More »

DVD Review: An Idiot Abroad – Series Two

Another consistently hilarious season, featuring Karl Pilkington as the unlikeliest travel show host ever. Read More »

DVD Review: An Idiot Abroad 2

In An Idiot Abroad 2, Karl tries to pick his destinations, but Ricky and Stephen intervene. Read More »

DVD Review: Life’s Too Short – The Complete First Season

A promising premise wasted on a lazy retread of Gervais and Merchant's earlier work. Read More »

DVD Review: Eddie Izzard: Live at Madison Square Garden

Eddie Izzard in top form in concert at Madison Square Garden. Read More »

TV Review: The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO

A hilarious modern classic takes a final bow. Read More »

DVD Review: Curb Your Enthusiasm – The Complete Eighth Season

A return to form for the comedy show. Read More »