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Interview: ‘Sir Princess Petra’s Talent’ Author – Diane Mae Robinson

Diane Mae robinson Petra

Blogcritics chats with 'Sir Princess Petra's Talent' Author, Diane Mae Robinson. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Entwined’ by Heather Dixon


Is the memory of love enough to keep a Kingdom from falling into darkness from a mistake made long ago? Read More »

Fashion Doll: Once Upon a Zombie’s Belle


Belle from One Upon a Zombie is an excellent addition to the collection of anyone who loves fashion dolls, the undead, or all of the above. Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Journey to the Christmas Star’

Journey to the Christmas Star

The king blamed the Christmas star when his daughter, Princess Goldenhair, vanished. The princess can only return if the star is located and returned to the sky. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Dragons and Dreams: Bedtime Stories’ by Becca Price


One of those rare "once upon a time" collections that are so light and charming. Read More »

Book Review: Not Just a Princess (A Mia Book) by Mary Lee

I love this cute little girl with imagination to burn! Read More »

Santa, All I Want for Christmas is… Wait, does Barbie come with a latex catsuit?

3 reasons to be very excited at the thought of Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. Read More »

I’m A 26-Year-Old Guy And I Love Disney Princess Movies

Yes, there is a perfectly logical reason behind it. Read More »

Book Review: Prince Andy and the Misfits: Shadow Man by Karen Gammons

An average teenager...until he finds out he is a prince! Read More »

Prince Charming Does Exist

There is a Prince waiting just for you. Read More »