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Interview: Joel Fox, Author of ‘The Mark on Eve’

"The idea for my book came from an actual Cape Cod legend in which a woman in colonial New England was suspected of witchcraft in drawing her pirate lover’s ship into a storm and the ship sank. "

"While I am not writing history, the feel of the period must be accurate for the readers." Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Presidents Club’ by FCEtier


A conspiracy-laden sequel that matches up to its predecessor. Read More »

Interview: Gary Grossman, Author of Executive Command

Meet political thriller author Gary Grossman. Read More »

Interview: Stefan Vucak, Author of Cry of Eagles

Meet Stefan Vucak, who says that "writing has always been a passion and a drive." Read More »

Book Review: The Tourist Killer by FCEtier

An exhilarating debut thriller by FC Etier introduces readers to a memorable cast of characters. Read More »

TV Review: Last Resort – “Eight Bells”

If you're not yet watching ABC's new series Last Resort, you should be! Read More »

Book Review: Oath Of Office by Michael Palmer

What happens when a pillar of the medical community goes on a murder spree? Read More »

Book Review: The Twelfth Falcon by Enrico Antiporda

A traditional high-stakes thriller with deep characterization and literary quality narrative. Read More »

Book Review: Redemption Day by Steve O’Brian

Steve O’Brien compelling conveys the danger of homeland terror - taking a group from our own foundations, and giving it a face we may see in any area of the country. Read More »

Book Review: Sleeper’s Run by Henry Mosquero

Suspense novel that doesn't let up until the last page. Read More »