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Interview with House, M.D. Writer/Producer Kath Lingenfelter

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America's favorite serial killer is back — only this time, he's inherited a shadow. Read More »

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Blu-ray Review: RoboCop Trilogy

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TV Review: Fringe – “White Tulip”

Walter seeks redemption through a case eerily similar to his history. Read More »

TV Review: Fringe – “White Tulip”

Fringe is an ultra-smart show that attempts to boldy go deeper. Tonight's episode showed the wonder and heartbreak man experiences from tempting fate. Read More »

Peter Weller Talks About Guest Starring on Fringe (And More): Part II

Some more juicy stuff from the conference call interview with Peter Weller. Read More »

Peter Weller Talks About Guest Starring on Fringe: Part I

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