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Blu-ray Review: From Russia with Love

One of the best of the Bond movies gets her Majesty's royal treatment on Blu-ray. Read More »

Book Review: Options – The Secret Life of Steve Jobs by Daniel Lyons

oPtion$ takes us into the life and culture of Steve Jobs in the hilarious and interesting parody. Read More »

Movie Review: The Strangers

Knock-Knock. Who's there...? Read More »

Movie Review: The Visitor(2008)

Strange bedfellows... Read More »

Movie Review: W.

Oliver Stone's latest Presidential biopic fails to live up to its predecessors. Read More »

Book Review: Heavenly Places by Kimberly Cash Tate

Are you a lot like Treva too? Read More »

Graphic Novel Review: In the Small by Michael Hague

Humans have suddenly shrunk to the size of approximately six inches tall, while the rest of the world has remained unchanged. Read More »

Book Review: Waiting for Daybreak by Kathryn Cushman

Welcome to the world of dueling pharmacists, where a little mistake can wreck a career. Read More »

Interview with Lou Aronica, Publisher of New Publishing House The Story Plant

"Some would suggest that starting a new publishing house in this environment is confirmation that I’ve lost my mind." Read More »

Book Review: Fire Fish by Davy Liu

Three little fish experience the adventure of their lives in a story that parallels the momentous events of the Israelite exodus from Egypt. Read More »