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The Spiritual Option to Defeat Obesity


With spiritual balance and purpose that brings a strong sense of love and self-worth, the negative stresses that lead to unhealthy conditions are reduced. Read More »

Book Review: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

This post-apocalyptic world holds moral virtues in scant regard & forces survivors to ask — what are they prepared to do in order to survive? Read More »

The Buddhist Alliance: Eckhart Tolle and David Foster Wallace

Eckhart Tolle and David Foster Wallace appear to share a certain surprising interest. Read More »

Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad: The Real Message

Using the right imagery and music creates the fastest path between heartstrings and purse strings. Read More »

Rihanna Tales of Pain and Success – RiRi Does It the Way She Knows Best

Rihanna continues to draw attention to her personal struggles and her singing career that is full of color and drama. Read More »

TV Review: Rosie Premieres Live on OWN

Live on Oprah's network, Rosie O'Donnell inaugurates her new chat show and welcomes British comedian Russell Brand. Read More »

Coolest Celebrity Kitchens

More than their fame and fortunes, we’re jealous of these celebrities' sprawling, masterfully designed kitchens! Read More »

N-sulation: Questioning the Usefulness of a Controversial Word

My problem with the N-word. Read More »

The Boy Who Talked Like a Girl: The Incredible Transformation of Joel Evan Tye

From a repressed, socially abused and confused boy sprang a powerful man who sings, acts, and models professionally. Read More »

Book Review: Africa’s Best Stories by StoryAfrica

Readers are redirected to the real story behind this book. Read More »