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Health Care: Taking Control and Opting In

Individuals "opting in" for medical care rather than medical care being the default, is simple, realistic, and cost effective. Read More »

Prayer and the Placebo

The effectiveness of prayer leads many to view it as more than a placebo. Read More »

Restoring the Heart to Healthcare

I am excited to see more on mindfulness and spirituality being included in medical and healthcare curricula. Read More »

Screening for Loneliness?

Loneliness as a health factor: alternative therapies like prayer may be the answer. Read More »

New Views in Caring for Health

Patients are driving change in available health care options. Read More »

Medical Screenings: Saying “No” Can Be a Boon to Health

Increased alternative medicine use and a growing awareness of over-diagnoses are changing the face of health care. Read More »

WHO Suggests Modern Medicine Must Change

The Antimicrobial Resistance crisis leads the World Health Organization to state that modern medicine as we know it may be coming to an end. Read More »

How Illusive Is Health?

Spirituality and prayer - at the core of health. Read More »