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Music Review: John Coltrane – ‘The Prestige Recordings’

John Coltrane Prestige Recordings

The legend of John Coltrane begins here. Read More »

PC Game Review: Omerta: City of Gangsters

Omertais to good turn-based strategy what Jersey Shore is to quality TV. Read More »

Book Review: It Doesn’t Take a Hero: The Autobiography of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

A biography of US General H. Norman Schwarzkopf published in 1993 after The Gulf War Read More »

Book Review: The Mers by Ami Blackwelder

Sometimes the truth can set you free, but it just as often brings more problems and often danger. Read More »

Chris Christie’s Gay Marriage Dilemma

Gov. Chris Christie finds himself between a rock and a hard place in the battle for marriage equality. Read More »

All My Children‘s: Tribute to the Pine Valley Event Countdown Begins…

Tick tock… the countdown to the phenomenal All My Children event, A Tribute to Pine Valley begins. Read More »

The X Factor Has Debuted… So Now What?!

Simon embodies the phrase, “that’s entertainment”. Read More »

Music Review – Nicole Atkins – Mondo Amore

New Jersey Singer/Songwriter's Sophomore Album Shows No Sign of a Slump Read More »

Indie Rock Profiles: Woodfish (New Jersey Quintet)

New indie rock from the New Jersey shore. Read More »

Dodging New Jersey for Southern Solace

Where may we run to in search of solace and tranquilty whilst surrounded by ourselves? Read More »