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eBook Review: ‘Mittens’ by Phoenix Baker


A self-published novella describes the start of two women's BDSM relationship. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Serving Her’ by Gregory Allen


A sequel to the femdom romance 'Courting Her' that further charts the series' couple's role-reversal dynamic. Read More »

Audiobook Review: ‘Two Cuckolding FemDom Stories’ by Ariane Arborene


Not only are these stories well written and deliciously erotic, but the sultry and provocative narration by Holly Jackson is spot on. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Seafood (Sex Slave of the Lesbian Flappers)’ by Giles English


Set either in an alternative universe or the fantasy world of a submissive virgin, this proves a hardcore BDSM fantasy. Read More »

Interview with Mary Carter, Author of ‘Three Months in Florence’

Three Months in Florence

"I have to remind myself to enjoy the process, that writing can be fun. If it’s torture to write, it’s probably torture to read." Read More »

Brave John Terry Trips Over His Own Sword, or: Why England Won’t Win the World Cup

John Terry gets played yet again and no professional foul will help this time. Read More »