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Book Review: ‘Confronting Capitalism’ by Philip Kotler

Kotler feels that all is not hopeless, that change is, indeed, needed but difficult. His book will make readers aware of how they can do their parts to put heart back into the American dream. Read More »

Economic Fallacy: Minimum Wage Doesn’t Cause Unemployment

At a time of high unemployment, raising the minimum wage is irresponsible. Read More »

Full Time Wages Should Not Mean Poverty Wages

It simply makes no sense that those working full time should need federal assistance to feed their families. Read More »

Romney is Focusing on the Wrong Mechanism

To help the working poor Mitt Romney should propose something other than indexing the minimum wage for inflation. Read More »

A Minimum Wage is Not Enough: We Need a Living Wage For All

Poverty pay doesn't even make economic sense. Read More »

The Minimum Wage is Subterfuge, Repeal It!

It is bad policy to raise the minimum wage at a time when people are losing their jobs. Read More »