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Interview: Dr. Jim Bailey, Author of ‘The End of Healing’

"The End of Healing is about a heroic young physician’s quest to follow the money into the dark underworld of a corrupt healthcare industry."

"You have to write about something that you care about -– something that you care about a lot — or it will never resonate and you will never be able to finish." Read More »

Interview: William R. Leibowitz, Author of ‘Miracle Man’

William Leibowitz

"An author has to view his writing as an art form in the same way as a painter, even if the author isn’t trying to create great literary fiction." Read More »

Is Bad Breath Ruining Your Self-Confidence? Common Causes and Cures

bad breath

A simple adjustment in habits may be all that is needed to get you on the right track to being proud of your breath. Read More »

Identity Thieves Target Uncle Sam

Is the government a favorite target of identity thieves? Read More »

Book Review: More Confessions of a Trauma Junkie: My Life as a Nurse Paramedic by Sherry Jones Mayo

More Confessions balances humor and trauma in a real-life portrait of Emergency Services workers. Read More »

Medical Breakthroughs… From The Trash?

Sometimes medical breakthroughs turn up in the most unlikely places… even the discard pile! Read More »

Book Review: Unthinkable: A Mother’s Tragedy, Terror, and Triumph Through A Child’s Traumatic Brain Injury by Dixie Fremont-Smith Coskie

First shocked with horror and despair after her son's traumatic brain injury, Dixie Coskie grows to find hope, healing, and even greater love. Read More »

DVD Review: Body of Proof – The Complete First Season

As to how this one got on the air in the first place is beyond me. Read More »

TV Review: Nurse Jackie: “The Astonishing”

In the "Astonishing" episode, Jackie grapples with disappointment, disapproval, saintly words, and death. Read More »

DVD Review: ER – The Complete Fourteenth Season

It’s back. And so is all the drama that somehow kept it going for fifteen years. Read More »