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‘Louie – The Complete Season 3′ DVD Review

Louie C.K. stars in Louie on FX

Louie C.K. is back for a third season with 'Louie,' as his FX persona deals with women and a fledgling career. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Louie’ – ‘Back’ and ‘Model’


Louie returns true to form, with the promise of some big, different directions coming soon. Read More »

Kids’ Game Review: “Gooey Louie”

Gooey Louie from Goliath Games

As mentioned in previous reviews, kids love gross and weird stuff.  While a good many of our children’s activities today have been sanitized, we can all remember the joy of seeing exploding cartoon characters from Tex Avery, playing with plastic bug-making factories, or even the horrifying life lessons from Aesop and the Grimm Brothers.  The fascination with exciting, gross, stuff ... Read More »

DVD Review: Louie – The Complete Second Season

While I found the first season to be more laugh out loud funny, the second season resonates more on an emotional level. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Louie – The Complete First Season

Louie's first hilarious season comes to Blu-ray and DVD this week. Read More »

DVD Review: Archer – The Complete Season One

Archer is a hilarious show, but the DVD is disappointing. Read More »