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Flash Fiction: Memorial Days of Future Past

Crowd Waving Stars and Stripes Flags

Mom stands and looks at me with watery blue eyes. She feared losing Dad in Vietnam and instead lost him in a different war against cancer. No matter what the battle, the losses are the hardest thing to fathom or accept. Read More »

FreeRice and the Korean War

Civilians seen fleeing in the fields during a retreat of UN forces during the Korean War. (Harry St. Truman Library)

The age of the Internet has created new ways to be a humanitarian hero every day. FreeRice is one. Read More »

DVD Review: Battle Circus – Humphrey Bogart’s MASH

Bogie takes 90 minutes to accomplish what Alan Alda took eleven years to do. Read More »

Biden Optimistic Global Hunger Struggle Can Be Won

The Vice President urges Congress to keep fighting global hunger and not to slash food aid in the budget. Read More »

The Korean War: Humanitarian Heroes Fighting Hunger

L3-B/Korea 1951

Nothing should ever be forgotten about the humanitarian who saved and the changed the lives of a generation in Korea. Read More »

DVD Review: Lest They Be Forgotten – D-Day Remembered

Hundreds of American war veterans' personal narratives have been preserved in the video series, "Lest They Be Forgotten." Read More »

Jimmy Carter, Faux Pas in Korea.

Carter's accusations against the South Koreans for a lack of humanitarianism have been met with some consternation. Read More »

Book Review: Command Influence: A Story of Korea and the Politics of Injustice by Robert A. Shaines

A first-hand account of the trial of Lt. George C. Schreiber by his military defense attorney. Read More »

A War the World Overlooked

The legacy of the 15-Year battle in Angola Read More »

TV Review: Top Shot on The History Channel

Top Shot combines Survivor with firearms. Could be an interesting season. Read More »