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POTUS 2016 Poll: Should Joe Biden Challenge Hillary Clinton?

Should Biden enter the Dems POTUS race?

Is it time for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the POTUS 2016 race and challenge Hillary Clinton? Vote in our poll. Read More »

Obama Candid in His Inaugural Address

A few thoughts on President Obama's most personal speech at his inauguration, January 21, 2013 Read More »

The Problem with the Presidential Debates

We are only getting to see characterizations, something that has been rehearsed ad nauseum and it is painfully obvious. Read More »

I’m Voting For President Obama

I only see one clear choice here: President Obama needs to be re-elected. Read More »

Joe Biden: From Football to the Vice Presidency

A look at the vice president as he prepares for the closing weeks of the campaign. Read More »

Political Conventions Are Like Sporting Events

Why not get Biden and Ryan to go two or three rounds in the ring? Read More »

Haikus for the Campaign Trail

A modest proposal to reverse the expense and bombast of political campaigns. Read More »

Biden Optimistic Global Hunger Struggle Can Be Won

The Vice President urges Congress to keep fighting global hunger and not to slash food aid in the budget. Read More »

President Obama to Speak to Congress

The President will address a joint session of Congress on Thursday, September 8. Read More »

RJ’s 2010 Senate Race Predictions

Stuart Rothenberg, Nate Silver, and Charlie Cook ain't got nothin' on me! Read More »