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Innovation – It Makes the World Go ‘Round

The social side of innovation. Read More »

Digital Strategy through Innovation – Why Its Practice Should Mirror a Coral Reef

An environment that truly supports innovation in digital strategy planning should operate like the zooxanthellae, coral, and parrot fish, not competing but collaborating. Read More »

Book Review: The Innovation Playbook: A Revolution in Business Excellence by Nicholas J. Webb

While we were lamenting the status quo, what happened to innovation in business? Read More »

DVD Review: Ground War — The Evolution of the Battlefield

Since before the pharaohs, the wheels of war have turned beneath the most destructive fighting machines the world has ever seen. Read More »

More About Chickens and Eggs

“Small businesses are responsible for nearly all of the new jobs in the US.” If this is true we’re screwed. Read More »

Education, the Economy, and Creativity

Would teaching kids creativity in school guarantee them a job in a tough economy? Read More »

A Brave New Interdependent World: Day 2 At The World Business Forum

A potpourri of international CEO's, a Nobel prize winner, management visionary and Bill Clinton. Read More »

An Afternoon of Concern and Contrast at the World Business Forum

An emotional roller coaster ride with a big finish from George Lucas. Read More »

Book Review: Everyday Greatness: Inspiration for a Meaningful Life by Stephen R. Covey, compiled by David K. Katch

Stories, quotes, and Steven Covey's encouragement will inspire you to fill your life with the qualities of everyday greatness. Read More »

From The Boardroom To The Barnyard

A short story about a long career and five valuable life lessons worth sharing. Read More »