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Book Review: ‘Virus: The Day of Resurrection’ by Sakyo Komatsu


Virus would have made a good low budget science fiction movie. At 300 pages of dull prose, it’s a terribly hard slog of a cautionary tale. Read More »

This Is Known As Bad Luck

Murphy's Law has nothing on me! Read More »

The Human Cost of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)

Advice on how to lower the risk of picking up an infection at a healthcare facility. Read More »

Healthcare Itself Is One of the Top Ten Causes of Death

You can reduce the risk of HAI (Health-Associated Infections) with some simple measures. Read More »

Book Review: Asleep: The Forgotten Epidemic that Remains One of Medicine’s Greatest Mysteries by Molly Caldwell Crosby

An incredible tale of a nearly forgotten disease that is still with us and could again become epidemic. Read More »

Jane Bürgermeister, Whistleblower Extraordinaire

A science journalist and flu whistleblower was fired for filing a lawsuit against the medical cartel for pushing swine flu vaccine. Read More »

Influenza Treatment

The current outbreak of a new strain of influenza is important but blown out of proportion. Read More »

The Deadliest Four Months in Human History — Redux?

The bad news, the really bad news, the good news, and what to watch for. Read More »