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Interview: Florence Byham Weinberg, Author of ‘Dolet’


"Writing is an obsession, a compulsion without which you cannot live." Read More »

Three Moments of Pagan Humanism in History

Paganism and humanism have long danced together, and are beginning to do so again. Read More »

Politics: From Koch to Congress to the Cookie Bake to the Kitchen Sink and Back

Politics is, to most, just a word. But, on a deeper level, what can it tell us about, well, us? Read More »

Book Review: Here on Earth: A New Beginning by Tim Flannery

A book about the whole notion of what humanity is as a species, and how that relates to the world we live in. Read More »

Audio Book Review: Essays by Wallace Shawn

Never a great fan of audio books, I was totally absorbed in this fascinating collection of timeless essays. Read More »