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Book Review: The Squatter and the Don by María Amparo Ruiz de Burton

The first English book by a Mexican-American and a cornerstone of the Chicano canon, Squatter remains culturally and historically salient. Read More »

Book Review: Parks in Medieval England by S.A. Mileson

A close look at the physical, social and cultural landscape. Read More »

The Kennedy Brothers: And Then There Were None

As the last Kennedy brother is laid to rest, a country mourns the man and the end of a political era, but their legacy will live forever. Read More »

Book Review: Evolution by Stephen Baxter

From primitive primates running amid the dinosaurs, to Catal Huyuk and Ancient Rome, far into our future on a dying planet, this is big history. Read More »

Book Review: The Invisible Mountain by Carolina De Robertis

You'll never think of history as boring and impersonal again. Read More »

The Rockologist: Remembering The Kennedys And The Soundtrack To Camelot

Five years may not seem like that long to some. But to a kid, it's a lifetime. Read More »

Before You Go, Teddy: Thank You

Teddy Kennedy is waging his final battle. A constituent pauses to express gratitude. Read More »

Book Review: Borrowed Time: The Story of Britain Between the Wars by Roy Hattersley

An entertaining and illuminating look at Britain in the inter-war years. Read More »

Book Review: Fordlandia by Greg Grandin

Henry Ford's American Dream meets Brazilian jungle. Bad novel? Actually the subject of the non-fiction Fordlandia. Read More »

A Little Learning Is A Dangerous Thing, Part 1

Notes on the hopeful death of George Walker Bush’s political career. Read More »