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My Summer at the Frist Center

Hell or high water, we were going to have a glamorous fashion photo shoot on Thursday, August 5. Read More »

DVD Review: A Place Out of Time – The Bordentown School

“You could listen to [many] dry lectures…and…not learn as much about race issues…as in 'A Place Out of Time’.” Read More »

Book Review: Framing the Sixties: The Use and Abuse of a Decade from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush by Bernard von Bothmer

Were the sixties "good" or "bad?" Read More »

DVD Review: Monarchy: The Complete Series

Everything you ever wanted to know about the British monarchy Read More »

Book Review: The Invisible Mountain by Carolina de Robertis

The story of three strong women and one small nation. Read More »

A Nasty Mathematical Myth

Euler and his math pal. Read More »

Book Review: Discord’s Apple by Carrie Vaughn

Take a bite of Discord's Apple from Carrie Vaughn Read More »

Book Review: The Scouting Party: The Making of the Boy Scouts of America by David C. Scott and Brendan Murphy

Meticulously researched book on formation of Boy Scouts suggests founders wanted movement to have strong principles of pacifism. Read More »

DVD Review: Metamorphosis (2007)

The immortal Connor MacLeod and the beautiful Countess Bathory can't save Metamorphosis. Read More »

Book Review: Nature and Power: a Global History of the Environment by Joachim Radkau

Looking back provides insights that illuminate the critical problems of today. Read More »