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House, M.D.: Morning After Commentary – “Nobody’s Fault”

House, M.D.'s "Nobody's Fault" guest starring Jeffrey Wright one of the season's best outings. Read More »

Join BC for a Live Chat Following the House, M.D. Season Premiere!

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Interview: House, M.D.‘s Co-Executive Producer/Writer Liz Friedman on “Bombshells” and Television’s Most Complex Doctor

Writer Liz Friedman sits down with with Blogcritics co-executive editor and House, M.D. columnist to discuss her episode "Bombshells" (7x15). Read More »

House, M.D.: Anticipating “Bombshells”

Bombshells: The state of House and Cuddy's relationship. Where they've been--and what might happen next. Read More »

House, M.D.‘s Lisa Edelstein and Greg Yaitanes Talk About “Bombshells”

The highly-anticipated 15th episode of House, M.D.'s season seven airs Monday, March 7. Lisa Edelstein and executive producer/director Greg Yaitanes talked "Bombshells" with entertainment reporters. Read More »

House: The Mystery of “Thunder Roadtrip”

The mystery of "Thunder Roadtrip", the House episode that might have been. Read More »

Why Hugh Laurie Must Win the Emmy in 2010: Part 2

The Emmy nominations will be announced July 8. How will House and Hugh Laurie fare? Read More »

iPhone Application Review: InHouse — “Help Me”

The InHouse app takes on House's Season Six finale episode "Help Me". Read More »

TV Review: House, M.D. – “Known Unknowns”

You never really know until you stick your toe in the water -- a nice exploration of venturing into uncharted waters. Read More »

TV Review: House, M.D. – “Brave Heart”

A classic House, M.D. episode has House and the team diagnosing a healthy man who's about to die. Read More »