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Blu-ray Review: Visions of Europe

Stunning overview of Europe. Read More »

Reflections on the Future of Capitalism – Or the Scavenger Hunt

Rats abandoning the sinking ship used to be an apt metaphor, but I’m afraid our once respected banking industry has raised it a notch better: while at it, why not sell what remains for scrap? Read More »

Music Review: Charles Lloyd and Maria Farantouri – Athens Concert

A musical bridge between the music of Greece and jazz is realized. Read More »

Lehman On My Mind

Did we learn the lesson from the Lehman fall? Read More »

A Skyrocketing Euro for a Deep Diving Europe

How a strong euro paradoxically weakens Europe. Read More »

Is UK a Mini-Europe, a Disfunctional Single Currency?

Is UK a disfunctional single currency, with a rich productive South East and a bunch of "sick men"? It certainly looks that way Read More »

Greek Indignants and Hooded Protestors Clash with One Another, and with the Greek Parliament.

Demonstrations continue throughout Greece as Parliment will impose sever austerity cuts. Read More »

David Duerson: A Modern Day Spartacus

In February, NFL veteran David Duerson took his life but spared his brain for scientific research. Perhaps the results will shed light upon some of the causes that he struggled with. Read More »

Book Review: Ten Good Reasons to Lie About Your Age by Stephanie Zia

A beautiful life interrupted, then healed by the songs of Leonard Cohen. Read More »

British Columbia: Grizzlies, Fjords, and a Shining City

A soulful traveler voyages to the far ends of the continent, where English-speaking Spaniards do not live in igloos as once a small child believed. Read More »