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Book Review: ‘Confronting Capitalism’ by Philip Kotler

Kotler feels that all is not hopeless, that change is, indeed, needed but difficult. His book will make readers aware of how they can do their parts to put heart back into the American dream. Read More »

Credit Card Issuers Showing a Social Side

In their search for young consumers with high income potential, banks have moved off college campuses and onto the Web. Read More »

America’s Lost Decades

With median net worth back to 1992 levels, Americans may still be facing two more decades of sluggish economic growth. Read More »

Keynesians Are Clueless

Paul Krugman didn't see the Great Recession coming and he doesn't see the next crisis coming either. Read More »

Martin Luther King, Jr.: American Dreamer

Dr. Martin Luther King's dream was about becoming rich in love and justice. Read More »

Obama is Correct But for the Wrong Reason

President Obama is right: it will take more than one president to fix our economy. Read More »

Money Cannot Be Eaten

Materialism is just as oppressive as the other 'isms' humanity has been struggling to free itself from. Read More »

Debt Figures Show that Americans are in Denial

Why, in the aftermath of the Great Recession, do U.S. consumers appear committed to consistently adding new credit card debt? Read More »

A Dream Deferred

What happens to a dream deferred? Read More »

Republicans: Welcome to Lupine Equality!

How's that outsourcing thing workin' for ya? Like them lower wages? You'll adapt! Only the strong survive, ya know. Read More »