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IBM for a Smarter African Continent?

With I.B.M. expanding into sub-Saharan Africa, can the continent revitalize its economy with telecom as an engine? Read More »

Interview: Kay B. – R&B Singer/Songwriter Does It ‘Better Than Before’

Kay B

British-Ghanaian singer-songwriter Kay B. follows the success of "Cheater's Dilemma" and "Call Cupid" with a dancefloor-ready album. Read More »

World Cup 2010: Rooting For An All-South American Final

Come July 11, expect to see Argentina take the field against Brazil in the final for the World Cup. Read More »

Under 21s at the World Cup: Groups C and D

Jozy Altidore leads the US as a dangerous striker, while Germany brings six youngsters to South Africa. Read More »

School Feeding in Ghana A Model for Obama’s Food Security Initiative

The WFP program in Ghana is a partnership with the government to develop nationwide school feeding. Read More »

Review: Jantsen’s Gift by Pam Cope

"This is the story of a journey that took seven years and the loss of everything I had." Pam Cope Read More »

Verse Chorus Verse: Barrett Martin – “Father of Skies”

Foreign sounds and ideas taking shape... Read More »

Interview: Sam & Ruby – Folk R&B Duo

The once-unlikely pairing of Sam and Ruby smacks of divine intervention on behalf of the music universe. Read More »