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Music Review: The Beatles – ‘The U.S. Albums’

Beatles US Albums cover

Thirteen discs modeled after the Americanized editions that first-generation fans grew up with. The 'Capitol sound' has been mostly ditched in favor of the 2009 remasters. Read More »

Yeah Yeah Yeah, ‘She Loves You’ Turns 50

from private collection

Fifty years ago on Friday, August 23, 1963 was the release of ‘She Loves You’, which cemented the Beatles' status as the undisputed high-kings of British culture. Read More »

‘Please Please Me’ Turns 50

Fifty years ago this week, the single which broke The Beatles was released. Read More »

Interview: Director Seth Swirsky Discusses His New Documentary Beatles Stories

Beatles Stories cover

From Sir George Martin to Henry Winkler, Swirsky spent eight years tracking people down and recorded their Beatle encounters. Read More »

Still Fresh And Original At 50! Happy Birthday, ‘Love Me Do’

Fifty years ago the music business and the aspirations and goals of musicians all over the world were altered forever. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Produced by George Martin

An intimate, entertaining examination of The Beatles' record producer. Read More »

From Him To Them: 49 Years Ago George Martin’s Advice Cements The Beatles’ Fame

George Martin creates a number one single from an unfinished b-side submission. Read More »

49 Years Ago This Week, The Beatles Release Their Second 7” Single: Please Please Me

The Beatles' second 7" single was released 49 years ago this week. This is the story of its creation and recording. Read More »

Music Review: David Lanz – Here Comes the Sun

The Grammy nominated pianist presents another unpredictable and inventive exploration of The Beatles songbook. Read More »

Would the Real Drummer on “Please Please Me” Please Please Stand Up?

Who really plays drums on The Beatles' Anthology version of "Please Please Me"? Read More »