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Interview: Laura Liddell Nolen, Author of ‘The Ark’

"I’m after any reader with a sense of adventure."

"To this day, I can’t actually believe it when people tell me they read my book and enjoyed it." Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Her’


Spike Jonze applies his distinctive style to an offbeat romantic comedy, and the results are brilliant. Read More »

Why Technology Accelerates

A simple explanation of why technology is accelerating and what this means for our future. Read More »

Book Review: Swipe by Evan Angler

A middle-grade futuristic adventure that asks unsettling questions and implies some disturbing answers. Read More »

Book Review: WE x Infinity: Face the Terror of Our World Equation by Charlie Pedersen

WE x Infinity is an intriguing and suspenseful blend of fiction, contemporary events, and science. Read More »

Our Sci-Fi Future If Movies Were Real (infographic)

A timeline for our future if Sci-Fi movies became real. Read More »

Fiction In The Digital Age: Windows Within Windows

The digital age is a chance for novelists and poets to revolutionize traditional forms. Read More »

Darth Vader has an iPhone too – How the Empire Uses Apple

The Empire uses Apple products, what would the Rebel Alliance use? Read More »

Book Review: Rule 34 by Charles Stross

With Rule 34 Charles Stross has managed to craft perhaps the best Science Fiction novel I have ever read. Read More »

Politics in the Future: On the Dreams of a Distant Sunrise

What is it that lies ahead in the future of American politics? Only we know the answer. Read More »