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Book Review: ‘Power’ by Sarah Morgans and Bill Thorness

power copy

Morgans' and Thorness' book tracks the career of JD Power III and his rise to become a force in the auto industry. Read More »

Presidential Approval: So What?

A lot of people disapprove of a president most of the time. Who is in office does not really matter. Read More »

Q&A with Cowboys & Aliens Scribes Mark Fergus and Roberto Orci

“We went with character, story, and ‘it’s really happening’ and stayed committed to that.” Read More »

TV Review: Perspectives: Hugh Laurie-Down By the River

We join Hugh Laurie on a musical journey from Fredericksburg, Texas to New Orleans. Read More »

Forever Young-minded

Americans cannot handle having an adult in power. How's THAT gonna work out for ya, America? Read More »

RIP Ford Crown Victoria

It seems only yesterday the last Checker Cab retired. Now the Crown Victoria is headed for the same graveyard. Read More »

Cheney Had An “Executive Assassination Ring?” The Plot Thickens

Right now, it's just a conspiracy theory. I hope that's all it will ever be. Read More »