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Famine Warnings: Alarming Hunger Crisis Demands Quick Action

The growing hunger crisis is going to require the U.S. to build up its Food for Peace program. Read More »

The Hunger Games Inspiring Food Drives Across Country

The Hunger Games movie is rallying support for the fight against hunger in the U.S. and abroad. Read More »

Remembering the Horn of Africa this Holiday Season

Invest in small farmers around the world today to avoid the famine of tomorrow. Read More »

Book Review: The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do To Avoid It by Julian Cribb

Strong and frightening on the science, less convincing on the politics and sociology. Read More »

Cutting Food Aid Programs Dangerous to National Security

While some members of Congress may think it prudent now to cut food aid programs to save a few dollars, think again. Read More »

Afghanistan 10 Tears Later: Starvation Threatens War-Torn Country

On this 10 year anniversary of the Afghanistan war, let's work to win the peace-starting with fighting hunger. Read More »

Friendship Trains, Global Hunger, and Plumpy’nut

It is unacceptable that low funding prevents foods like plumpy'nut from reaching malnourished children. Read More »

Famine in Somalia. Is the Wolf at the Door in Afghanistan?

The international community needs to act fast in Somalia and Afghanistan Read More »

Interview: Kate O’Malley of Irish Americans in Support of Somalia

Kate O'Malley noticed the lack of media attention toward the East Africa famine and formed Irish Americans in Support of Somalia. Read More »

Yemen Nears Breaking Point, Humanitarian Crisis Could Worsen

Yemen needs a peaceful resolution of its internal crisis and humanitarian aid for the suffering. Read More »