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Even the Healthiest Couples Argue, and That’s Not a Bad Thing

By dmarklaing
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Overcoming any sort of argument in a positive way can and will add strength to a relationship, but don't let the end of an argument be the end of the conversation. Use the argument to discuss how to make things better. Read More »

Book Review: Cue Cards for Life: Thoughtful Tips for Better Relationships by Christina Steinorth

A new book offers instant behavioral prompts, or Cue Cards, for navigating difficult relationships and situations. Read More »

Holiday Stress? Stick to the Plan and Enjoy Better Health

Don't let stress overwhelm you over the holiday season! Read More »

Book Review: Raising Teenagers: The Best Way: Teenagers and Parents (Volume I) by Devika Primic

Devika has touched these topics well in a proper sequence covering a teen's personality, education, physical changes, mannerism, discipline, and so on. Read More »

Book Review: Promises to Keep by Ann Tatlock

Is there anything Roz won’t do to help her family get back together again? Read More »

Book Review: The Good Daughters by Joyce Maynard

The Good Daughters with innuendo and secrets, provides a curious puzzle to piece together, as you witness the girls' painful self-awareness rip their memories apart. Read More »

Book Review: Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go: From Mental Welfare to Mental Health by Lucille O’Neal

Lucille O'Neal shows us that champions can have the humblest beginnings. Read More »

Book Review: Stepmonster: A New Look at Why Real Stepmothers Think, Feel, and Act the Way We do by Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.

"I was discovering I couldn’t find my footing or trust my judgment.” Read More »

Book Review: Under This Unbroken Sky by Shandi Mitchell

Mitchell’s writing is edgy and disturbing as two families head toward a collision. Read More »

Book Review: Every Boat Turns South by J.P.White

White’s compass rose takes you on a meandering voyage that will keep you guessing until the last sail south. Read More »