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Feeding the Hungry in a Season of Giving

In the Season of Giving, what the individual can do to lead the fight against hunger worldwide. Read More »

Special Food Can Save Malnourished Children in Yemen

A full supply of supplementary plumpy for children in Yemen would provide the nation a break from the malnutrition storm. Read More »

Food Running Out for Refugees from Mali Conflict

The international community has a responsibility to act to avoid a potential famine in the Sahel. Read More »

Sahel Food Crisis: Race Against Time to Save Lives

If the international community does not act now, the Sahel food crisis will get much worse. Read More »

This Christmas Feed a Silent Guest and End World Hunger

This Christmas Eve a company called Edesia will be making packages of plumpy'nut to send to the African nation of Chad. Read More »

She Wanted to Mourn, But Chose to Save A Life

In my article Armistice Day, World Peace and Feeding the Hungry I talk about the amazing work of the Belgian Relief Commission. Read More »

Plumpy’nut: A Modern-Day CARE Package

Retail stores today could offer an outlet for people to buy CARE plumpy'nut packages for starving infants overseas. Read More »

Inside Yemen: Hunger from Conflict, High Food Prices

Yemenis are suffering from hunger, displacement, and fear of the future. Read More »

Interview: Kate O’Malley of Irish Americans in Support of Somalia

Kate O'Malley noticed the lack of media attention toward the East Africa famine and formed Irish Americans in Support of Somalia. Read More »

College Class Takes on Hunger and Poverty at Home and Abroad

There are many ways students can take action to end hunger and poverty. Read More »