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The Concept of Economic Development: A Preamble

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What do we mean when we speak of economic development or, by extension, of economic growth? Do we have a clear idea, or are they just buzzwords we tend to parrot now and then since they’ve become a part of everyday economic jargon? Read More »

An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect: an Overview, Part Two

Capitalism and socialism are virtually indistinguishable from the standpoint of being able to respond to the challenges facing the human prospect. Read More »

Increasing Access to Graduate Education Key to America’s Economic Growth

We are not investing in our human capital potential. Read More »

Yeah, the GDP Is Growing

GDP growth during the Obama years examined. Read More »

The Burgeoning Occupation Movements Across the USA and Abroad

The Wall Street protesters and others aim to redistribute wealth more equitably. Read More »

Growth Isn’t Possible: NEF Report

Are we right in assuming that continuous growth is possible? Read More »