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The season three premiere of Hawthorne showcases character development, rather than rote procedure. Read More »

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How I Met Your Mother is embracing the drama as well as the comedy, to its credit. Read More »

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Being Human is better than most SyFy fare, and I suspect the premiere was supposed to be two hours. Read More »

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Yes, Off the Map is Grey's Anatomy in the rain forest, but it's also something cool. Read More »

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Shawn tackled the Yin Yang killer again in last night's Psych finale, and there were some surprising revelations. Read More »

TV Review: Dexter Ends Season

Dexter showed a lot of growth and change in season five, and he wasn't the only one. Read More »

TV Review: Dexter – “First Blood”

Lumen poses a major problem for Dexter in "First Blood". Read More »

TV Review Dexter: “Beauty and the Beast”

Complications arrives after Dexter saves the life of Boyd Fowler's final victim. Read More »

TV Review: Dexter – “Practically Perfect”

Dexter continues stalking the Dead Animal Pickup Specialist in "Practically Perfect". Read More »

TV Review: Dexter – “Hello, Bandit”

In "Hello, Bandit", Dexter finds a new victim to take his mind off his family troubles. Read More »