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The Final Olympic Event: The Global Hunger Summit

This Sunday in London the starving peoples of the world are hoping the Olympic spirit can come to their aid. Read More »

For Sale! The British Monarchy. One careful Owner (that we can remember anyway). All Offers Considered.

This week's yacht-gate has all the makings of a media set-up. No, I am not referring to the tragic sinking of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy but rather the media storm over the aspirations that Her Majesty should be furnished with a new Royal Yacht. Read More »

A Very British Constitutional Dilemma

David Cameron is the Sarah Palin of British Politics - buddying up to News Corp. But will Murdoch bring him down? Read More »

Is it a Breach of International Law to Assist Rebels in Libya?

Are Obama, Cameron & Sarkozy "war criminals" over Libya? Well, it depends... Read More »

The British Experiment: A Stroke of Genius or a Shot in the Dark?

David Cameron shows wisdom beyond his age. One could only wish America could follow suit, but it's not in the cards. Read More »

Cameron’s People Power, A Neoliberal Con Trick

Cameron says he wants People Power but not Power as we know it Read More »

Theatre Review (London): Posh at Royal Court Theatre

Posh boys go wild: Laura Wade's provocative play depicts the arrogance of youth in full flight. Read More »