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Blu-ray Reviews: ‘My Girl’ and ‘Troop Beverly Hills’ Mastered in 4K

Troop Beverly Hills, Shelley Long, Sony Pictures, Mastered in 4K, Macaulay Culkin

Sony remasters some family favorites in 4K: "My Girl," and "Troop Beverly Hills." Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Tammy’

Tammy, Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon

Falcone makes a complete disaster of his directorial debut. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: The Campaign

It's no classic, but The Campaign provides plenty of laughs. Read More »

Movie Review: The Campaign (2012)

The results are in and The Campaign is riot. If only real politics were this much fun. Read More »

Music Review: Downchild – I Need A Hat

Another flawless party platter from an outfit often referred to as ‘Canada’s blues band.’ Read More »