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Gadget Review: TiMaG Magnets

TiMaG Magnets

The TiMaG magnet is once again proof that passion for creating things can bring the whole world something it never thought it needed. Read More »

Book Review: Too Big to Know: Rethinking Knowledge Now That the Facts Aren’t the Facts by David Weinberger

Too Big to Know explores the new nature of knowledge in the age of the internet, when information is limitless. Read More »

US Navy Develops MMO to Fight Pirates

The US Military continues their trend in crowdsourcing for research, this time to sink the issue of piracy. Read More »

Kyl or Sessions Killed Whistleblower Protection Law, Says Journalist

Crowdsourcing points the finger at two senators for killing a popular bill. Read More »

Art Meets Social Media: A Day Like Any Other

Rivane's exhibit successfully accomplishes the artist’s objective by gathering information virally, and more effectively than many costly digital social media campaigns. Read More »