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Don’t Be Afraid to ‘Light the Candle’ of Spiritual Identity


Attending church has had a powerful effect on my daily life. And I've found that outwardly sharing this spiritually based view on life and health builds a foundation for happiness. Read More »

Spirituality and Prisoners of War: The Ultimate Freedom on Veterans Day

World War Two memorial

John Wyndham’s uplifted thought and trust in the Divine not only freed him from the terror surrounding him, it kept him healthy and safe. Read More »

Treating Pain: A New Ontology is Needed

Progressing to a new Ontology

Thinking that pain is in the brain impels doctors to look for a physical cause for pain, says Dr. Alex Cahana. When one isn’t found, “It’s all in your head” is often what a patient will be told. Read More »

Taking Tennis Lessons into Life’s Game

How to Take Tennis Lessons into Life's Game

A tennis player and coach discusses how important a good foundation is to the development of a healthy inner self. Read More »

Needed: New and Alternative Ways to Relieve Pain

Needed: New Ways to Relieve Pain

The placebo effect and results from alternative practices like meditation and prayer show that there are alternatives to addictive opioid painkillers. Read More »

Patient Control of Health Reduces Fear and Overtreatment

Taking control of our health is one way we can address health fears and lessen the risk of being pulled into an overtreatment scenario. Read More »

A Life Redirected

Forced to reevaluate his career after a stunning baseball setback, John Paciorek found a new direction through prayer. Read More »

Beyond a Clinical View of Health

Prayer, meditation, diet, exercise – what have you found that helps you lead a healthier life? Read More »

Medical Overtreatment Needs to Change – But Will It?

Keeping life in balance will reduce overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Read More »

Author Anne Lamott comments on marriage and spiritual food in the April issue of O, The Oprah Magazine

Letting children know they are deeply loved and cherished are some of the most healthful nutriments parents can provide. Read More »