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Interview: Elisabeth Amaral, Author of ‘Czar Nicholas, The Toad, and Duck Soup’

"Ours was a mixed-orientation marriage that did not become obvious to me for several years. "

"My memoir is a coming of age story that took place in during the fights for women’s rights, racial equality and the growing rage against the Vietnam war." Read More »

Movie Review: ‘The Theory of Everything’

The Theory of Everything

The 30-year relationship between famed physicist Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde is chronicled in a superb film from director James Marsh and screenwriter Anthony McCarten. Read More »

DVD Review: Doctor Who – Shada

Doctor Who's unaired serial comes to DVD with tons of extras. Read More »

Restaurant Review (Cambridge, MA): Wagamama and Dado Tea on Harvard Square

A review of two eateries on Harvard Square: Wagamama and Dado Tea. Read More »

Book Review: Twisted Wing by Ruth Newman

A gripping and creepy novel - keep the lights on! Read More »

Book Review: Generosity by Richard Powers

Richard Powers shows that DNA and fiction can mix in this story of woman who is hard-wired to be happy. Read More »

After An Impotent Beer Summit, Perhaps We Need A Pundit Summit

The pundits have all had their say about Gates-Crowley but what didn't they tell us and what can we do to make them more accountable? Read More »

Book Review: The Untouchable by John Banville

John Banville uses fiction to examine a spy's motive and behaviour. Privilege and influence, both assumed, provide the mean. Read More »