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TV Review: ‘Supernatural’ – ‘First Born’

First Born

"First Born” continues Supernatural’s streak of awesome. Read More »

The Impossible Candidate

The GOP's search for a sensible and intelligent candidate who supports the GOP's crazy and stupid positions. Read More »

Movie Review: Runaway Slave – 2012 Style

“Martin had a dream. Jesse has a scheme.” – C.L. Bryant Read More »

Cain Withdrawal Offers Hope for a Better GOP Field

Paul, Huntsman and Johnson represent a brighter future for the GOP and it's time for their star to rise. Read More »

Sorry, Cain Fans

The objectives of business and government are completely different. Business is all about profit and governments are all about people. Read More »

Not Anyone Can

Romney is the personification of the completed axiom that anyone can become President of the United States. Read More »

The Something Missing

It’s like watching a reality version of Gilligan’s Island as an elimination game show. Just look at the cast. Read More »

A Cold Winter is Moving In; Will the Demonstrators Prevail?

Will the Occupy 99% survive the cruel winds of winter? Only time will tell. Read More »

Book Review: Cain by José Saramago

José Saramago's last novel, now translated into English, is an indictment of God based on using Old Testament. Read More »