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Movie Review: ‘Room’ – Mothers, Children, and Abduction with Brie Larson, Joan Allen, and William H. Macy


'Room' will both scare you and make you cry. It is the best movie I’ve seen this year. It is two movies in one. The first movie is a tense thriller about an abducted teenager, locked in a 10 by 10 sound-proof garden shed as a sex slave for seven years. She finally has an idea of how to escape with her five year old child. The second movie is a psychological study of the effects of abduction, rape, and social and sensory deprivation on its direct and indirect victims. Both stories will grab you. Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Don Jon’

Julianne Moore and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Here’s hoping we see more films directed by this very talented actor. Read More »

Sundance 2013 Movie Review: The Spectacular Now

Another best of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Read More »

Movie Review: 21 Jump Street (2012)

21 Jump Street makes its way to the big screen and we get to revel in every minute of it. Read More »

TV Review: United States of Tara – “The Good Parts”

United States of Tara caps an outstanding season with a fine finale, but less than satisfying for a series ended. Read More »

TV Review: United States of Tara – “…youwillnotwin…”

United States of Tara changes as it deals with contemporary issues, while getting crazier and crazier. Read More »