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A Merger in Publishing: And Then There Were Five

Just when you thought Big Brother wasn't watching... Read More »

Self-Publishing Revolution: Man Makes $100,000 in Three Weeks Self-Publishing on Amazon’s Kindle

"I made $100,000 in three weeks from people who have no idea who I am." Read More »

Why E-books Suck and Real Books are Awesome

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Books Are Dead; Now What About Our Libraries?

The rise of ebooks are not only signaling the end of traditional bookstores, but also libraries. Read More »

Alameda Writers Group: Power to the Writer

Alternative media can free writers from publishing house tyranny. Read More »

Borders Group Gets Chance to Reorganize

All it takes is some more money. Read More »

Interview with Lynda Burch, Publisher of Guardian Angel Publishing

Guardian Angel Publishing publishes wholesome books for ages 0-12. Read More »

Will Technology Kill Book Publishing?

Will e-books be the literal "killer app" for publishing as we know it? Read More »

Waiting for D-Day: Will Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Be a Mega-Hit?

Sept. 15 is almost here - will Dan Brown's latest book save the book industry? Read More »