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Bloggers Have Their Say at Hofstra University’s Mets Conference

Bloggers are here to stay and are gaining more and more respect as this conference makes evident. Now the rest of the world better get used to it. Read More »

Book Review: Social Media Judo by Chris Aarons, Geoff Nelson, Nick White and Dan Zehr

One of the better social media strategy books on the market today. Read More »

Who Is a Journalist?

Journalists always lived under a storm cloud, but at least they were issued umbrellas. Now we may all end up without a shred of nylon to protect us. Read More »

Arianna Gets Paid; Huffington Post Bloggers Get Mad

While Forbes touts her handle "queen of the new media" others, like myself, think it is more like "New Age Crone." Read More »

A New Way to Spread the Wealth Around: Philadelphia Makes its Bloggers Pay Their Fair Share

We all pay sales taxes, income taxes, property taxes, and capital gains taxes, but what about blog taxes? Read More »

CHOCOLATE SALON Awards for Las Vegas, Boston, and Chicago

TasteTV is pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 Luxury Chocolate Salon Award Competitions for Las Vegas, Boston, and Chicago. Read More »

Repudiating the Radicals: The Quest to Save the GOP From Itself

The Republican Party is poised for a comeback — but will its extremists get in the way? Read More »

When The Tide Turns: The Left’s Forming a Circular Firing Squad

Keith Olbermann, the Left's longtime media firebrand, has gone from hero to zero after his devotees shockingly turned on him. Read More »

Colin Cowherd Can Get a Lap For His “Blogger Bash” Routine

Colin Cowherd is evocative and gets ratings but he's way off base to bash a group he liberally sources. Read More »

The New FTC Rules For Bloggers

Making sense of the confusing new guidelines for disclosure. Read More »