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iOS Game Review: ‘Bioshock’

Bioshock iOS logo

The question, of course, with such a title is not whether or not the game is good—"Bioshock" is a great game, an all-time classic—but whether it translates well to mobile devices. Read More »

PC Game Review: Bioshock Infinite

The third Bioshock games is an experience that takes you sky high but is it better than Rapture? Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: Dishonored

Dishonored's Dunwall is a fascinating place that will no doubt inspire multiple playthroughs. Read More »

Preview: Bioshock Infinite

The unique story and world combine with interesting gameplay. Read More »

PAX East 2011 Liveblog: From Background To Center Stage: Building Game Worlds As Main Characters

A liveblog of the Irrational development team discussing the world of Bioshock Infinite. Read More »

Videogames as Art: Too Much Dessert?

Are videogames art? Does it matter? Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: BioShock 2

The one player, first person shooter mayhem continues. Read More »

A Demand for Deeper Video Games

Can video games stand as art and social reflection pieces? How should they go about this? Read More »