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DVD Review: ‘The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Collector’s Edition’


The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts are just plain funny. Not everything holds up, but a lot of it does. Read More »

Memories of Karen Black


A tribute to the bizarre and beautiful, independent and idiosyncratic cult legend. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? [50th Anniversary Digibook Edition]

Bette Davis' fearless performance as Baby Jane Hudson makes this psychological thriller worth seeing. Read More »

DVD Review: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 50th Anniversary Edition

Bonus packed 50th anniversary set of the cult, camp classic film. Read More »

Theatre Review (LA): Bitchslap! by Darrin Hagen at the Macha Theatre

A hilarious play about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford shooting Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Read More »

Theater Review (LA): Bitchslap!

The legendary feud between two of the biggest stars of Hollywood's Golden Age is hilariously recreated by an on-point cast. Read More »

DVD Review: Housewife (1934)

A dull, casually sexist relationship drama that feels long at 69 minutes. Read More »

Thank You for Not Smoking (In the Movies)

The CDC now wants movies with smoking to be rated R. Read More »